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Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:08 pm by The Author

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Language: Objectionable and mature language is permitted.

Sexual Content: Sexual content is permitted. References and writing about genitalia and sex acts are permitted, but explicit detail is not. Fade to black and mature tagging is to be used.

Violence: Extreme Violence is allowed.

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 Laws of After Dusk

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PostSubject: Laws of After Dusk   Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:08 pm

Laws of After Dusk

#1 Rule of After Dusk

This may be a singular ruling, but it is a very important one. This site is a cooperative writing site, not a competitive role-play. The important idea is making a story, not to be the most powerful. There's no reward in becoming the best or attempting to cheat the system to become stronger, and most of the time it doesn't create a cool or worthwhile storyline. Please remember this while you are spending time as a member in After Dusk.

Username and Account Rules

- No spoofing: Spoofing is when you create a username that is too similar or a variation on an existing name in order to confuse others as to whom a person is. Do not create a username to intentionally mislead others into thinking you are a member of the After Dusk staff.

- No offensive accounts. What is deemed to be offensive includes, but is not limited to user names containing strong language, sexually related terms or any form of discriminatory speech. Admins reserve the right to ban or temp. ban any account they deem as offensive. Users banned for this reason must submit a ban review (or wait out the time) before possibly being allowed a new account.

- You may have multiple accounts if you have multiple characters, an account for each character. This is recommended, but not mandatory.

Icon and Signature Rules

- No icons or signatures directed at another user without consent of that user.

- No signatures that reach a size to the point that they stretch the page and the rest of the topic.
Spoilers Code:


or Code:
[spoiler="Words Typed Here"][/spoiler]

can help with this issue.

- No flash movie signatures. These are typically too large and also require embedding, which can often cause problems for many members. As a result, no flash signatures are tolerated.

- No music signatures. This refers to signatures that play songs automatically. Other users should not be subjected to the music of your choice; please keep others in mind.

- No signature or icon which prompts any type of pop up for any browser. This is self-explanatory; if your signature or avatar requires a password, please be sure to set it for public viewing.

General Chatbox and Forum Behavior

- Absolutely no flaming. There will be very little tolerance for flaming.

- Arguments and debates are healthy, however. You may not insult the other party. Flaming includes all of the following points:[/color]

  • Verbally degrading other users
  • Harassing other users persistently in any manner
  • Harassing other users private messaging

Posts found to contain this content will have their source warned.

- Users are asked to use the private messaging system (or off site means) to carry on these debates, however if one party feels the other is harassing them without cause administrators will take action against this person. Repeated instances of this on the public forums may result in a temporary or permanent ban. Each case of flaming will be handled individually and at the sole discretion of the moderators and admins.

Also, when actually carrying out a debate/argument with legitimate reason, turning to vulgar words for sake of holding your end of the argument is not a good idea. If you have to resort to using curse words, then you should do the mature thing and let it go.

However, there is plenty of vulgar language used in the chatbox, usually just joking. This is not a problem and you will not get into any trouble for joking around in the chat. However, there is a limit, if you are offending someone or know you are saying something to offend someone, you will be banned.

- Please remember that the staff are those entrusted to enforce the rules of this site with no monetary compensation. Please respect that they are trying to make sure that you fit into the system and are not specifically targeting you. Admins are those who know the site by milestones and are there to provide information, but they aren't there to babysit you through the entire process. Please attempt to not swamp admins and moderators with work, remind them once and that's it. They're likely busy and will get to you soon enough.  

- If a member of the staff appears to be acting out of turn, or simply abusing their moderation powers while on the chatbox in order to humiliate/disrespect other members, feel free to report them to an admin, and a fitting punishment will occur. If you are asked for proof, be sure to copy and paste the conversation to which you, or another member has been mistreated.

So in short:

  • Just be respectful to each other.

  • Don't argue with an Administrator or other staff member for the sake of being argumentative.

  • Don't ever abuse your powers. (As Staff)

Cooperative Writing Rules

- No god modding

- All battles must be turned based. Turn-based means at the start of the fight, you and everyone in the topic must decide a turn system. In After Dusk, the outcome of the battle doesn't matter. The focus is to make a confrontation that all participants had decided upon in order to create an interesting story conflict.

- Take other peoples attributes into thought.

- No claiming to have hit someone, (EX: Dan punched the burglar in the face.WRONG)

- You must say you threw the punch (EX: Dan threw a punch at the burglar.RIGHT)

- You may not kill someone's character without their permission (once again, cooperative roleplay). You may beat them to a near death state, but they can not actually die with out their permission

- This site in my eyes is deemed as a "Mature" content site, however if things seem a bit graphic to you in that topic, you should put a X at the start of your topics name otherwise it can be locked by an Administrator. For example, if there is a lot of really nasty gore, put the X there for those who might not wish to see it.

- Even with the X rule, considering the age group of many of our members, there will be absolutely no sex in threads. This includes PMs. This is your one warning. You will be banned. No exceptions.

- Give your posts time and detail, make sure everything is spelled correctly, check your grammar, just make it easier and more interesting for those you are writing with. Read your partner(s) posts, work together to make a story rather than ignore things they write. An beginning writer would appreciate it more if you made short posts with them, rather than creating walls of text that they have to live up to.

- No Double Posting, this is defined as posting two replies without someone else replying in between those two posts.

Solo Writing Rules

As After Dusk is a writing site, writers are capable of creating solo tales of their characters in which they face enemies and mysteries alone. However, events taking place in a single universe has a tendency to affect other people. As a result, there is a set of rules made for those who wish to write portions of their character's lives solo.

- Solo writers are not allowed to use other user's characters or even interact with them in passing if they are not given permission. Ask permission before you attempt to use other people's characters. In addition, there's no usage of another character's paraphernalia or facilities without their permission either. When doing a solo session, it is solo unless stated otherwise.

- More importantly, solo writers are not allowed to cause and deal with incredible events. Such events affect a large portion of characters, and should be considered before being done. While a solo writer can cause such events, it must be in the intention that it would become an event that all people can participate in.

  • Ending a war
  • Fighting an Elder God
  • Opening a portal to Hell

Events such as these are very noticeable and very public, and should be dealt with multiple people rather than a lone hero facing the horde. It would be a very cool story to be sure, but such events would lead to political implications, which would greatly impact the rest of the site. Generally, solo writers should not be working to cause catastrophic events on a regular basis, and should keep their stories contained. However, it does not mean that they shouldn't spice things up if they think they can.

Character Rules

- Understand that not all characters are made equal. This site is about making an interesting story, and sometimes that story can involve characters who are vastly outside of a character's capabilities.

- Members are not allowed to make critically important characters such as Gods, Faerie Monarchs, Demon Princes or anything else of the sort. You may make reference towards them, but you cannot roleplay as them.

- No rip off characters, you can have similar ones, but be original. Copyright, and plagiarism are all against the rules of this site and can or will be resulted in a warning or a temporary/permanent ban. Please, the admins don't like having to enforce such rules, but if necessary, action will be taken.

- Users may only have three characters.

It is important that you know these rules as a member of this site, it is painfully apparent when you have not paid any attention to them, and likely will result in situations that could have been avoided had you look through these.

Otherwise, Enjoy your stay in After Dusk
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Laws of After Dusk
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